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Svensk Slöjd

Svensk Slöjd is a shop and showroom in the city centre of Stockholm that sells and exhibits carefully selected handicraft, with high quality standards to match our aim. Our goal is to make the handicraft visible in society, as a given part, to increase the interest and attention of the handmade. The handicraft comes from whole of Sweden and also from other parts of the world.

In our concept shop we have approximately 300 handcrafters, many of which have the handicraft as a profession and an important source of income. Our assortment rests on the tradition of the handicraft and expression, as well as our customer´s wishes and the contemporary trends.

Svensk slöjd is a company wholly owned by National Association of Swedish Handicraft Societies, SHR, with a shop, wholesaling operation and publishing house. The shop has been in operation since 2001. 

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